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October 06 2011

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What to Expect with Iphone 5

After the remarkable success of the release of iPhone 4, rumors have it that the iPhone 5 is expected make its debut come this 3rd quarter of the year. There are tons of reasons why you should get the newer version.

With the primary release in the year 2007 and up until now, iPhone is still a huge success. An increase in sales is quite evident. But can the iPhone 5 be significantly compared to that of the iPhone 4?

The upcoming version of iPhone is better in terms of its software even though it only has minor updates. However, the notable changes are seen in the hardware parts. Its processor now allows you to sync your work. The signal problems that most iPhone 4 users experienced will now be totally eradicated.

In addition, the fear of most consumers about the brittle nature of iPhone 4 will be removed as well. Iphone 5 feature rumors boasts of a different design. Rather than having a glass display and glass back, it would now have an all-metal look. It would have a stronger and more solid display. Other notable areas of change would be in the processors, camera and other specs.

Here’s more in-depth information on what to expect with iPhone 5.

1. The 3D Display/ Curved Glass

There’s a huge possibility of having a 3D display because of the curved glass design. It has been reported by DigiTimes that Apple bought 300 special glass cutting machines for the iPhone’s new glass display. If the far-fetched idea of a 3D display is coming true then everyone is in for a treat.

2. Fire-proof iPhone

You are probably wide-eyed reading this feature. Apple has created a patent app for a material that is said to be halogen-free flame resistant.

3. Longer Battery Life

One of the issues that iPhone 4 users have is the short battery life. For this newer version, expect to have an extended battery life. It will give you extra talk and standby time. Despite of the enhanced applications, the battery life won’t be compromised.

4. Wireless Charging

Considering the possibility of being gifted with an extended battery life, it wouldn’t be right not to provide you with a whole different way of charging. There’s a possibility that Apple will incorporate an inductive wireless charging technology. You could say goodbye to cable wires.

5. 8 Megapixel Camera with Dual Flash

Every iPhone user’s dream of capturing memories has now escalated to a new level with the feature of an 8 megapixel. Yes, other phones from Samsung and HTC may have provided this feature yet they can’t compete with other features of the iPhone. Besides, it has an added feature of a dual flash by the rear providing better resolution pictures despite in a low light. However, you still need to keep your fingers crossed because it’s still a speculation.

6. A5 Processor

None can compare with the processor an iPhone has. The upcoming iPhone is said to have an A5 dual-core processor for a better performance.

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Rumors on the Iphone 5 Rounded Up

With no press releases given by Apple about the iPhone 5, avid iPhone fans and users are relying on rumors and speculations. Some are rumors are quite believable because of photos of mock-ups, listings placed in Alibaba.com and corroborated sources coming all the way from China. Yes, China. Such speculations posted in several Chinese blogs are believable because the manufacturing company that won the bid for the production of iPhone 5 hails all the way from China.

So what are the rumors rounded up about the 5th generation of iPhone?

First, there are rumors about Apple providing a bigger screen display. They are taking out the home button. Its front portion is an entire touchscreen display so it could have a more edgy look. It will be similar as that of the iPad but it’s only smaller.

Second rumor would have to be the use of an iOS 5 as the operating system. They’re doing an upgrade with operating system because many iPhone 4 users are complaining about the notification settings and other minor problems.

Third is about the back display of the iPhone. The antenna is already placed at the back and not at the front so the smartphone could have access to a better signal. The structure of the previous iPhone made it hard to get access especially when the phone is being gripped.

Fourth would be the rumor about having no clear winner among communication providers. Yes, there are three mobile carriers from the US that can benefit from the iPhone yet there’s no top contender among the three. Rumor has it that AT & T, Verizon Wireless and Sprint took a portion of the market demand for the 5th generation of the iPhone 5. Each mobile communication provider has not confirmed whether they are the one that could benefit the iPhone 5 the most.

There’s also the rumor about the iPhone and its use of the ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Could this mean that the use of the A5 Dual core processor is just a hoax? There has been no additional information on the number of cores that this processor has. Many could be questioning Apple’s take on the processor. A5 Dual core processor could be the most ideal processor considering the speed it offers. It has the speed of 1GHZ and a 1G RAM. The processor will also allow a bigger storage so iPhone users can download more songs, videos, apps and documents.

There are also rumors that they would be adding customized widgets. The notification system can also be customized. What is more is that, you can personalize the home page.

The upcoming iPhone will be better, sleeker and bolder. It will have a slimmer design yet features are maximized. The iPhone is said to have a near field communication technology. It is something that everyone is rooting for considering that other smartphones have this kind of technology. With the use of their apps and the near field communication technology, transactions are made easier. Paying the bills, booking a hotel and an airline ticket can be done with just the tap of your iPhone.

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Iphone 5 and Other Smartphones Fit For A Business Executive

A business executive is always on the go. He is frequently out of the office yet frequently does business deals with other people. He must have the perfect smartphone that can suit his busy lifestyle. With the constant innovation and endless release of different smartphone models, it’s hard to find the ideal smartphone.

A business executive should consider different things when it comes to choosing a smartphone. For example, he should consider the antenna system so he could make and receive calls in different areas. He should also consider the operating system the smartphone has to make his transactions, deals and negotiations more efficient and effective.

There’s no use for a business executive to buy different gadgets such as digital camera, PDA and iPod. The smartphone will have all the gadgets’ features rolled in to one. A business executive can choose from an iPhone 5, HTC, Blackberry, Windows 7 smartphone or Nokia.

Here are several lists of smartphones that you can choose from.

1. Iphone. The latest version would be the iPhone 4. But if you can still fight the itch of buying a new mobile phone, wait for the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5 will be a better version because of the iOS 5, A5 Dual-core processor, 8mp camera plus LED Flash and 4G connectivity. Surely, these features are essential to your daily activities.

2. HTC Aria

HTC Aria is one of the very promising HTC smartphone series. The success of the HTC Desire prompted the HTC Company to produce the HTC Aria. This kind of HTC has an astounding design equipped with assuring construction. What is more is that, it has the Google Android 2.1 as its operating system. This operating system has its own app store. The app store could house the same apps of Apple.

The phone will have a high resolution display and a touchscreen making it less bulky. One of the commendable features of HTC Aria is the Friend Stream. It combines all social networks and shows a single stream of updates. Still, the HTC Aria could not outplay the 8mp camera of the iPhone 5 because it only has 5mp.

Nokia N8 is the company’s pride. It has 12MP camera with a flash a virtual zoom. By far, it has the highest MP among all smartphones. There’s a mini-HDMI port so you can connect your phone to the flat screen TV. It also has an aluminium case so you get a better connectivity.

Blackberry Torch 9800 is a favorite smartphone amongst all business users. The only downside of a Blackberry Torch 9800 is that it has lesser apps compared to iPhone. There are also lesser games and music. But one good thing that it boasts is the high performance it can give.

The Blackberry Torch 9800 has a QWERTY keyboard and a touchscreen display. Also, Blackberry provides an integrated social network, 5MP camera, 11-photo modes and a high definition video capturing capability. The Torch 9800 runs on the new Blackberry OS 6 with an advanced multi-tasking system.

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Features that Iphone 5 Must Have to Compete with Other Smartphones

The iPhone 5 is rumored to make its debut sometime in October. Because of the late release of the iPhone, more is expected of it when it comes to the features such as hardware and software upgrades. There’s a strong rivalry among smartphones and it is said that Android can surpass Apple’s iPhone. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S2 has all the rumored features of the iPhone.

Somehow, iPhone 5 can’t afford to miss out on certain features because other smartphones will outplay it. So here are the features that iPhone 5 must have to compete with other smartphones.

1. An 8mp with LED flash camera

All the other smartphones have this feature so it’s a must that the upcoming iPhone should have this feature. If the iPhone will have this feature, it has an edge from the rest of the competition. Iphone users love the image apps that Apple offers. With the 8mp with LED flash camera combined with the different image apps, more and more mobile phone users would rather opt for an iPhone.

The new camera feature is also capable of recording videos that HD with a1080p. The only problem is that Flash player won’t be part of the upcoming iPhone. To support the HD video, they’ve got the HTML, CSS and Java Script.

Another hardware upgrade would be the A5 Dual-core processor chip that has a speed of 1.2 GHz and an additional of 1G of RAM. The speed is as similar as that of the iPad 2. Many are even considering that it’s the Nano version of the iPad. This kind of processor will give way to more demanding apps. Another good thing is that you get to use different apps all at the same time which wasn’t possible with the iPhone 4.

One feature that the new iPhone should have is an upgraded iOS. Thus, the new iPhone should use an iOS 5. The iOs 5 is expected to improve the notification system iPhone has. It will also include more than a hundred new features like the iMessage plus other applications. There’s the Reminders app and Newsstand. These two apps are like Folders and iBooks found in iMac and iPad. The iOS 5 will also provide iPhone users the Assistant. Such feature will provide you your very own personal assistant. You don’t have to type any of your commands because iOS 5 will install the Voice Recognition System.

If the Voice Recognition system and the Assistant will be include in the latest iPhone version then it could outplay the rest of the competition.

Near Field Communication allows data transfer and simplifies transactions by a mere touch. It would be a huge setback for Apple if they fail to include the Near Field Communication in their iPhone. The chip for the Near Field Technology is created by Qualcoom. Rumor has it that this chip was included for testing an iPhone early this year.

These are some features that the iPhone should have. Otherwise, Apple would be beaten by their competition.
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Realistic Expectations from the Iphone 5

Rumor has it that the iPhone 5 will be released anytime this October. Everyone’s excited about it. They’re marking it off their calendar. There have been posts about the features of the upcoming iPhone. Some are possible but others are quite bizarre.

Apple really knows how build the anticipation of various smartphone users. They got people thinking as to what’s the iPhone going to be like. And they didn’t have any intention to spills some information. Because of this frantic anticipation, many are determined to swap their old smartphone for an iPhone 5.

Not revealing anything is a great marketing strategy. They’ve managed to convince millions of smartphone users that iPhone is the best phone that one could have. Some could no longer wait for their contract to end and they’re willing to pay the termination fee just so they can have their very own iPhone.

Rumors did speculate different things that got people enticed with the upcoming iPhone. Here’s what to realistically expect from the iPhone 5.

1. Dual Core A5 Processor

This will be twice as fast compared to the previous processor. It could run up to 1Ghz. The graphic performance is faster and serious improvements are visible. The A5 dual core processor means lower battery consumption as well. Your apps are faster as well. You probably don’t get the whole picture. To put it in simpler terms, just imagine you having an iPad but only in a smaller version.

2. 1G RAM

Do you love to multitask? If yes, iPhone 5 could be your next best friend. The increase in Ram will allow you to access different apps altogether. You won’t have to close one app just so you can use another app. Your iPhone wouldn’t have its own version of nervous breakdown even if you handle several apps all at once. The bump in RAM to 1Gb makes it possible.

3. Voice Control System

Typing a lengthy email can be stressful. Creating a text message while both of your hands are full is impossible. Well, it used to be. With the voice control system feature, you can be able to create a text message, email or any kind of document without using your hands. Commands are prompted by your voice.

The voice control system will be like your assistant. You could ask your iPhone to dial your business partner’s mobile phone. You could also ask your iPhone where the nearest grocery store is.

4. Sprint users will finally get hold of an iPhone. A lot of Sprint users complained why they weren’t able to obtain an iPhone previously. Recently, Sprint announced that the latest iPhone will be able to all Sprint customers. They are ready for it and they have unlimited data plans to offer.

5. 8 mp camera with an 1080p HD video

Photos are clearer this time around. Shooting a video will become better. Apple finally kept up with the competition with regards to the camera feature. All the other Android phones have this kind of feature. Many are wondering why Apple took a while to add this feature.

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